In contrast to the hospital ER, emergencies are treated with priority and are immediately seen by the cardiology specialist, who is the most qualified professional to distinguish between a life-threatening and benign situation. Time is often of the essence and is never wasted in our centre.

How do I recognize a Cardiac Emergency?

Sudden onset of severe, crushing chest pain associated with profuse sweating, nausea and shortness of breath are the typical signs of a heart attack.
Note that in diabetics the pain may sometimes be missing. In such a case, the patient should be brought to the nearest hospital with cardiology services and a cardiac catheterization laboratory, where the cause of the heart attack is investigated by coronary angiography and immediate action is taken to reopen the blocked artery. German Heart Centre Bremen performs this life-saving procedure at The City Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City.

Recurrent episodes of chest pain, especially when occurring at rest
These signs should prompt an urgent visit to the cardiology clinic but do usually not require immediate hospital admission. At the clinic the cause of the symptoms will be evaluated including ECG, echo and several blood tests.

Palpitations with a rapid heartbeat, which may be regular or irregular
These signs should be documented and assessed as soon as possible at the cardiology clinic. This also applies when a sudden loss or near-loss of consciousness has happened.

What to do:

  1. In case of emergency call German Heart Centre Bremen to alert us that the patient is coming at 04 362 4797, after hours at 050 3961351.
  2. Get immediately on the way to the clinic or hospital, as advised by our staff.

Mild recurrent chest pain, unexplained shortness of breath, palpitations with irregular, skipped, rapid or low heart beats, unexplained fatigue, sudden lack of exercise capacity and dizziness are other typical signs of cardiovascular problems and should be assessed by the cardiologist in a timely manner but are not emergencies. An elective appointment should be made calling German Heart Centre Bremen at 04 362 4797.

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