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Frequently Asked Questions


I wish to have cardiac check-up, what kind of test are usually included?

Consultation is essential and usually ultrasound of the heart (cardiac echocardiogram), resting ECG and treadmill test are required to have a comprehensive status of the heart. Also other tests might be needed.

Are all the doctors really Germans?

Yes. All doctors are either Germans or Swiss.

Are your Doctors Visiting Doctors only?

Most German Heart Centre physicians are either owners and associates or employees of the clinic. They do, however, rotate to a certain degree through their German centre in order to keep up with the high standards of care provided in Germany.

What is the difference of the doctors?

All the doctors are cardiology specialists on the consultant level with many years of clinical experience in first-rate cardiology centres. No beginners are employed at GHCB. However, each specialist has his or her own field of special interests, like in interventional procedures, Coronary CT Angiography or Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Do we have radiology department at the Clinic?

X ray procedures are performed at partner institutions. However,  the German Heart Centre specialists will read the images personally.

Do we do Calcium Scoring?

Coronary Calcium Scan is performed with Computer Tomography (CT). The test can be arranged and scheduled through GHCB, and the images will be personally reviewed by our physicians later.

Do we do interventions and surgeries here at the clinic?

Interventions like coronary angiography are done next door by our own German Heart Centre interventional specialists.

Can German Heart Centre Doctors take care of me when I am admitted in the hospital?

Yes. All the physicians are privileged with admission rights and patients can be treated and taken care of by physicians.

Do we accept children?

German Heart Centre is an outpatient cardiac centre mainly focused on adult patients. Children at school age are accepted at the clinic.


How do I know if insurance will pay my visit?

Patients should contact their insurance provider to find out what procedures are covered depending of the insurance coverage.

Do I need to take the approval prior the appointment?

No. It is recommended to provide us the complaint and the insurance card copy so we can proceed and get the approval prior the appointment. This approval process will take one to two days. If this is not possible, we can contact the insurance in order to receive approval but in this case we cannot guarantee the immediate approval, and the patient might be requested to come back.

What is Guarantee of payment, GOP?

This is a written document from an insurance company stating which procedures will be covered. If German Heart Centre has direct billing agreement with insurance company, GOP is not deeded.

How do I know which network I have and if it covers my visit?

Different insurances have different networks, and this is indicated on your insurance card. German Heart Centre accepts different networks, which you can check on our webpage, and you should also confirm with your insurance provider, if your network cover a cardiac check-up.

Is routine check-up covered?

Usually not. Please check with your insurance prior to the appointment.

What means pay-and-claim?

If we do not have direct billing with your insurance company, we will provide a claim form you have to submit to your insurance in order to claim back the money.

What if my insurance does not reimburse my money?

To prevent this kind of situation, it is recommended to confirm with the insurance company their reimbursement policy.

I am traveling and I am holding a travel insurance from my home country. How to proceed?

Please contact your insurance before to find out, if you will be reimbursed or if they provide you with Guarantee of Payment.  We provide a medical report and the original bill that you need when claiming money back later.

I am having acute chest pain, will my insurance cover?

Usually patients with acute pain in need or urgent investigations will be automatically approved, and we shall contact the insurance company to receive the immediate pre-approval.


How much time will the usual procedures take?

Generally all the procedures can be done within one hour.

Do I need to come in fasting?

If any cholesterol blood test is required, patients shall be fasting minimum of six hours. This is required to get accurate results. Patients can always come back the next morning for blood test if needed.

How should I prepare myself before coming to the clinic?

All related documents and medical reports regarding your condition are important as well as the list of medications. It is recommended to bring gym wear including running shoes for the treadmill test. Also, it saves a lot of time, if the patient provides personal information making an online appointment.

Can I take shower after the treadmill test?

Yes. We provide towels and shower facility with hygiene products.

Can I go to work normally if I have Holter monitor (ambulatory ECG) connected?

Yes, depending on the work.  It is advised that patients shall continue their normal life during monitoring. In that way we can find out the deviations of the heart rhythm.


Where is your clinic located in Dubai?

German Heart Centre is located in Dubai Healthcare City close to Wafi Mall, right next to the Mediclinic City Hospital. Just follow- the signs for Mediclinic City Hospital, our building is the one on the right side before you reach the hospital.


From Sheikh Zayed Road:

  1. Sheikh Zayed Road (heading North towards Dubai/Sharjah) will become Sheikh Rashid Road
  2. Leave Sheikh Rashid Road at Exit 56, heading towards Bur Dubai, and join Oud Metha Road
  3. Leave Our Metha Road at the Dubai Healthcare City Exit and follow signage into Dubai Healthcare City.
  4. Turn right at the Mediclinic City Hospital and take the next left at the traffic light.
  5. Then take the next left again facing the Empower building and turn right circling around Empower until you see building 39 on the right side.

From Emirates Road:

  1. Leave Emirates Road at Junction 55, heading towards Al Garhoud/Deira.
  2. Join the Business Bay Crossing towards Bur Dubai.
  3. Leave Business Bay Crossing at Exit D73, towards Oud Meitha Road and follow signage into Dubai Healthcare City

From Garhoud Bridge:

  1. On Sheik Rashid Road towards Abu Dhabi go over Garhoud Bridge and take the second exit passing DEWA on the right side.
  2. Follow the sign to Mediclinic City Hospital and turn right behind City Bank, passing the pyramid of the Raffles Hotel on the left.
  3. Take the first right at the traffic lights and then the first left facing the Empower building and turn right circling around Empower until you see building 39 on the right side.


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