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Managing Director's Message

On behalf of German Heart Centre and myself, I would like to thank our loyal patients, partner facilities and most of all, my remarkable team for contributing to my successful five years as Managing Director. Your continued support does not go unnoticed.

Our team of Western and European trained doctors represents the aspects that, in the view of our patients, best represents the important element of our ability to deliver services at an international standard.

When taking over German Heart Centre in July of 2017, my mission has long been a focus of a family-oriented clinic with a solid healthcare platform. I strive to create a bond of harmony and transparency between our healthcare professionals and employees in order to uphold a culture of positive values. This is reflected through our compassion, the quality of our services and our constant pursuit of patient satisfaction. Our healthcare platform is built on a foundation of highly trained, experienced medical professionals that, alongside compassionate staff, drives our business.

We have dedicated our time and resources to support our doctors in their daily tasks. We continue to work together to reach our potential, develop and maintain service excellence at the highest level. This is reflected in the quality of care that has brought tangible changes and results to our patients and their families. The coordination and delivery of safe, high-quality healthcare demands reliable teamwork and collaboration from within.

We will continue to strive in years to come to be recognized as the leading Cardiac Centre in Dubai. Furthermore, we will maintain and nourish an environment where our patients feel at home. With the knowledge that their health is important to us and that they carry a special place in our hearts, we will strive to do even better.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Klima,

Managing- and Medical Director


Pacemaker Mysteries Uncovered

Pacemaker Mysteries Uncovered

05 August 2022

Often the news from a doctor to a patient about the necessity of having a pacemaker inserted is met with great fear and trepidation.  The small electronic device, that has almost become a standard treatment in heart rhythm irregularities, still fills many with dread at the mention of this procedure.  Our team shares some more information that will hopefully alleviate some uncertainty, and support patients in their discussions with their cardiologist.

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