About Us

About the Clinic Structure

Heart Centre Bremen offers comprehensive state-of-the-art German medical services to Dubai, the UAE and the entire gulf region. It is owned and staffed by the same private group operating the Bremen Federal State Heart Centre, one the biggest and busiest cardiology centres in the north of Germany with academic ties to Goettingen University The scope and quality of services offered in Dubai is always maintained at the same high level as in Germany.

Clinic Specialists

About UsThe specialists working at GHCB are without exception senior cardiology specialists qualified from Germany and Switzerland often holding joint appointments with their centre in Germany. They are full associates and senior employees of the clinic, who have received their medical and specialty training at prime universities and teaching hospitals and offer a minimum of 20 years’ experience in cardiovascular diseases. They are not only qualified in conservative out-patient cardiology but most are also seasoned experts in invasive cardiovascular interventions and advanced techniques like Coronary CT Angiography, Cardiac MRI and nuclear cardiology.

Scope of service

German Heart Centre Bremen offers the full range of cardiovascular tests at its out-patient facility. Through cooperation agreements with The Mediclinic City Hospital next door GHCB specialists have full access to their facilities and can offer in-patient treatment. Interventional procedures like PTCA and stent implantation are done at this hospital by our own consultants.

Organization and work flow

In order to save precious time and guarantee swift attendance to the medical issues, cases at the out-patient clinic are handled as a one-shop-stop. The initial interview with identification of the problems is immediately followed by the physical examination and subsequent technical tests ordered by the physician. The examinations are usually completed within one hour. The results are then thoroughly explained by the attending physician and printed out in form of an instant and comprehensive medical report, which upon request will also be forwarded to the referring physician. Further tests may be initiated, and treatment will be explained and started if necessary. The examination is completed in one session and recurrent clinic visits for the same consultation are avoided whenever possible so that traveling across Dubai is restricted to a minimum.


Regular consultations and examinations are booked by appointment, and online-booking is strongly encouraged to save valuable time at the clinic.  Each patient is given ample time with the cardiologist. As comprehensive case work-up is more time consuming than a brief consultation alone, it is important that the time schedule is adhered to in order to avoid collision with other cases and unnecessary delays for subsequent patients. The patients can assist their own timely treatment by arriving on time. Last minute cancellations should be avoided, as they will harm the clinic and deprive other patients of their chances to receive swift attention.

Emergency Cases

Acute cardiovascular problems and emergencies are seen at the German Heart Centre Bremen immediately and without prior appointment. It is recommended that the clinic is informed beforehand via telephone and the nature of the medical problem explained so that speedy attendance can be prepared before arrival. In the vast majority of cardiology cases emergency treatment at our clinic is sufficient and hospital admissions or lengthy stays at the ER can be avoided. Patients at our clinic are first seen by the specialist and not the most junior member of the team, and necessary procedures can be performed without delay.

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