Most Common Myths about Anxiety: What You Need to Know?

Most Common Myths about Anxiety: What You Need to Know?
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Anxiety knowledge is not a popular nor a common medium, especially as Stress and Anxiety Disorder. In the MENA region when you look for the best Psychiatrist in Dubai, or the most trustworthy Mental Health Care Clinic in Dubai, UAE, for example, it is not an easy task for many! Therefore, there are misconceptions about it that would lead to negative outcome.

Handling anxiety is quite tough enough! However, not having to worry about everyday misconceptions would give people fresh eyes when looking at such matter. One such misapprehension that anxiety is uncommon, it is in fact common and even more suffer from it conjoined with depression. Having a better understanding and more knowledge about it helps in treatment and improvement.

German Heart Center has one of the best Mental Health Care Clinic in Dubai UAE, with the highly experienced Dr. Martin Kramar, Allied – Psychologist in Dubai. Learn more about the most common myths about anxiety:

Myth: Anxiety is initiated by an unfortunate experience.

Fact: Anxiety is not that simple, in many cases there might be no reason at all.

It is not a cause and result situation. Hence, a great care needs to be given to those who suffer from anxiety. It is true that a single event could be the spark. However, it is the anticipation of the unknown and the lack of certainty about the future to be considered responsible for it more than anything else is.

Myth: Anxiety could damage a patient’s the body

Fact: It could appear with physical manifestation, but they would fade!

Consulting the best psychiatrist in Dubai, Stress and anxiety disorder can show strong physical symptoms like heart palpitations, rapid breathing and chest area tightness. Making it misapprehended as a possible heart problem! However, with checkups and tests it gets proven not to be. Then once the anxiety seizure passes, the physical symptoms fade away!

Myth: It is recognizable if someone has anxiety!

Fact: It is not obvious and it might be anyone around you that you see all the time and every day!

Although it is rarely noticeable, with time some behaviors could develop such as assurance seeking most of the time, avoidance on a general scale, resorting to alcohol and becoming less sociable rapidly. While others would show nothing but ideal behavior!

Myth: It is better for people with anxiety to avoid stress

Fact: Facing fears could sometimes help dissolving feelings of anxiety.

It is ideally a case-by-case treatment. In order to decide how anxiety is to be managed it will be different based on the nature of each person. However, facing fears if done properly is a big leap on the path of psychological wellness.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do give those who suffer support, Anxiety does not resolve itself.
  • Do not say supportive phrases as an act of support, they do not mostly!
  • If suffering from Anxiety, medication can really help.
  • Do not say that with anxiety is clear, it might be hiding behind a smile and needs equal support.
  • Do not face Anxiety alone or let a significant person do, seek professional help.

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