The Best Egyptian Specialist Cardiologist In Dubai

The Best Egyptian Specialist Cardiologist In Dubai
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Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in the UAE. It can affect people of all ages and affect their lives in different ways.

At the German Heart Center, we are committed to providing the best cardiological treatment, diagnosis, and preventative care to all communities living in Dubai.

We understand that heart disease can affect different genders, ethnicities, and communities in different ways. This is why we constantly strive to create an inclusive environment that provides relevant heart care for every patient, regardless of their background.


General and Interventional Cardiology in Dubai

As the best heart hospital in Dubai, we provide the best general and interventional cardiology services across the Emirates.

General Cardiology

General cardiology is a field that deals with the care, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart disease. General cardiologists possess a wide range of knowledge about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

This includes high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart rhythm disorders, heart valve problems, heart defects and abnormalities, and disorders of the blood vessels.


Interventional Cardiology

On the other hand, interventional cardiologists possess additional training in the field of cardiology. They are specialized in diagnosing and treating all types of cardiovascular disease, including congenital birth defects and structural heart conditions.

An interventional cardiologist in Dubai possesses the education and training to provide treatment through catheter-based procedures, including angioplasty and stenting.


Therefore, whether you require general preventative heart care, treatment of various heart conditions, or serious interventional treatment of severe heart disease, our panel of specialist general and interventional cardiologists in Dubai will provide you the highest level of care.


Dr. Ashraf Fouad Hussein – Egyptian Cardiologist in Dubai

We are proud to have Dr. Ashraf Fouad Hussein as a part of our team here at the German Heart Center. He is a specialist general and interventional Egyptian cardiologist in Dubai who is providing superior heart care to the community.

Dr. Ashraf is a passionate Interventional Egyptian Cardiologist in Dubai with more than 11 years of clinical experience in Invasive Cardiology, Non-Invasive Cardiology, and Internal Medicine.

His core focus is on exceptional patient care, advanced diagnosis, and preparing comprehensive cardiac treatment plans. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in dealing with acute emergencies such as patients with acute myocardial infarction or cardiac arrhythmias.

With fluency in Arabic, English, and German, Dr. Ashraf is dedicated to providing inclusive heart care to all patients across the Emirates. His excellence in general and interventional cardiology is credited to his deep understanding of heart diseases and how it affects patients of different demographics.


Services Offered by German Heart Center

If you are looking for the best cardiology services in the UAE, look no further than German Heart Center. Our team of general and interventional cardiologists, such as Dr. Ashraf Fouad Hussein, are committed to providing holistic heart care and treatment.

At the German Heart Center, we offer the following services:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Thoracic and Pulmonology
  • General Medicine

Moreover, our world-renowned cardiology services include:

Outpatient examination and treatment

  1. Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG)
  2. Exercise treadmill test
  3. Carotid duplex
  4. Peripheral vascular duplex
  5. Abdominal ultrasound kidneys and aorta
  6. Ankle-brachial pressure index
  7. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  8. Pulmonary function tests
  9. Pacemaker interrogation
  10. Administration of antiarrhythmic drugs


Interventional and cardiac inpatient treatment

  1. Coronary Angiography and Cardiac Catheterization
  2. Balloon angioplasty of coronary arteries with stent implantation
  3. Transesophageal Echocardiography
  4. Congestive heart failure
  5. Arrhythmias
  6. Multi-morbidity with several parallel disorders


Cardiac surgery

  1. Minimally Invasive and Conventional Bypass Surgery
  2. Minimally Invasive and Conventional Valve Repair/Replacement
  3. Repair of Congenital Disease in Adults (ASD/VSD)
  4. Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Clipping/Ligation
  5. Aneurysm and Dissection repair
  6. Ascending aortic arch, descending and thoracoabdominal aortic replacement


To learn more about our cardiac services or team of general and interventional cardiologists in Dubai, including Egyptian cardiologist Dr. Ashraf Fouad Hussein, explore our website or call us to book an appointment today!

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