10 Questions That You Need To Ask the Gynecologist

10 Questions That You Need To Ask the Gynecologist
发表于 2020-02-13

The annual visit to the gynecologist is not the most enjoyable appointment for many ladies, consequently, most of them try to walk through the process silently. They try to get out the door as quickly as possible. Gynecologists spend years studying everything in the female reproductive system, meaning they have the answers to everything no matter how complicated or detailed it could be. The top 10 questions to ask your Gynecologist in Dubai on the next visit are:


1. When should the first visit to a gynecologist be?

The top recommendation is to start regulating a visit starting 13-15 years old.


2. What is the best advice on cleaning the female parts?

It needs the same hygienic attention as any other part of the body, Cleaning up the area is critical to prevent dirty bacterial buildup and to avoid the offensive odors that develop throughout the day, and the doctor will help you decide on the best routine.


3. What is the most efficient way to treat period cramps?

Cramps can be treated with simple pain relievers. Other home remedies include a warm bath, heating pad, or a hot water bottle. Lifestyle choices include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and avoiding salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.


4. Would an irregular odor in the female parts be alarming?

The vaginal natural scent and taste should not be unpleasant, if an offensive, fishy, yeasty, or foul odor is remarkable, seeing your gynecologist would be recommended to rule out an infection.


5. What are the available birth control options?

Each body nature would qualify for certain type. OB-GYN Doctors in Dubai would be able to help you decide on the most suitable birth control option.


6. Will the birth control pill cause weight gain?

There has been no proof that relate weight gain as a side effect of the pill. Body natures differ in reacting, and a doctor will be able to help you understanding your body type.


7. How to perform a self-breast exam?

Relying on getting a breast exam is at the annual appointment, puts a health at risk. Moreover, early detection is the best defense mechanism. A gynaecologist would be able to help with explaining the steps of performing a self-breast exam.


8. Are irregular periods worrying?

A missed period or two are not typically a cause for concern. However, and OB-GYN may want to look into different possibilities based on your body nature.


9. What screenings or tests are viable?

Every factor from age to sexual history affects the kinds of tests you need to get. Regular check-ups or tests would be recommended by your doctor to help you be safe rather than sorry.


10. How can a urinal leakage controlled?

Usually considered a problem that mothers experience. However, urinary incontinence can happen to women who have never been pregnant. Although it would be an embarrassing topic to discuss, it should not be avoided.


When it comes to vaginal and sexual health, it is normal to have hundreds of questions. In fact, having many questions is a good thing. German Heart Centre provides complete and compassionate healthcare for women's reproductive health. Call for appointments and better health lifestyle.


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