How Does Extra Weight Affect Heart Surgery?

How Does Extra Weight Affect Heart Surgery?
发表于 2021-03-26

Obesity has been on the rise for many years. Unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise, and poor diets have made the percentage of overweight people increase.

It is no secret that obesity has negative impacts on our overall health. One of the biggest health risks to being overweight is heart disease. And even more interestingly, extra weight can have various effects on heart surgery.

Thankfully, heart specialists in Dubai can help you maintain a healthy weight while providing preventive care for heart disease. And if you are already suffering from cardiovascular illness, then a professional cardiologist can help you devise the best treatment plan, which often involves controlling extra weight.


Link Between Obesity and Heart Disease

Unfortunately, the side effects of obesity are all considered to be risk factors of poor cardiovascular health. Here are the main ways that extra weight can increase the risk of heart disease:


·Obesity and High Bad Cholesterol

Studies have shown that overweight individuals tend to have higher levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which is often referred to as bad cholesterol. High levels of bad cholesterol can cause blockage in the arteries, leading to a range of serious cardiovascular conditions.


·Obesity and High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure also tends to be higher in overweight individuals. This is because they require more blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to their bodies. This means that the heart has to work extra hard to pump blood throughout the body, leading to higher blood pressure, and in turn triggers various heart problems.


·Obesity and Diabetes

Diabetes is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. And studies show that diabetes is high among the obese population. This means that if you are overweight and at risk for diabetes, it is extremely important to reach out for cardiac services in Dubai and get checked out.


How Extra Weight Affects Heart Surgery

As you can see, being overweight can increase the risk of developing heart conditions. But at the same time, extra weight can also cause complications for heart surgery. Factors such as high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and breathing problems caused by excess weight can pose risks during surgery.

Therefore, it is important to consult with a professional cardiologist extensively before opting for surgery if you are overweight. The best heart specialists in Dubai will advise a healthy weight loss plan before considering surgery. And if they have deemed that urgent surgery is necessary, they will take all necessary precautions to eliminate risks.

The best vascular center in Dubai will provide preventive heart care, as well as treatment. Hence, if you are overweight, we highly recommend seeking out cardiac services in Dubai, so that you can make the necessary lifestyle changes to control your weight and reduce the complications and risks of heart disease.


Visit the Best Vascular Center in Dubai

Whether you are currently suffering from heart disease, or believe you are at high-risk for developing cardiovascular conditions, our team of heart specialists in Dubai can help. German Heart Centre provides the best cardiac services in Dubai, from preventive care to monitoring and surgery.

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There are different types and different procedures for acquiring biopsy sample such as bone marrow biopsy, Lung biopsy, and pleural biopsy. The last two types fall in the field of thoracic and pulmonology expertise and for the safest procedures a lung biopsy or a pleural biopsy in Dubai, the most cautious step is to think thoroughly about the thoracic and pulmonology surgeon that you would trust for such sensitive procedure.



Being the No. 1 cause of death in the world, heart diseases are of many types, each one with its own symptoms and treatment. While making necessary changes in lifestyle and taking appropriate medication can make a huge difference for some, for others, surgery becomes the only option when the disease progresses to more serious stages.

Heart disease is sometimes interchanged with cardiovascular disease which is caused by a specific tissue failure of the circulatory system. Heart disease can be characterized with complications such as damage, failure or deformities of the heart muscle, valves, blood vessels, heart rhythm or related tissue whereas cardiovascular diseases are a result of narrowed or blocked blood vessels that lead to heart attack, heart failure, chest pain or stroke.

What is Thoracic Surgery


Conditions in Which Thoracic Surgery Required

Thoracic surgery is often the main course of action in conditions such as tumors and benign growths in the lungs, lung infections and effusions, lung cancer, strictures and tumors in the esophagus, esophageal cancer, achalasia and other swallowing issues, mesothelioma, gastroesophageal reflux, hyperhidrosis, tumors in the chest wall and other similar conditions. Thoracic surgeons are also qualified to perform advanced surgical procedures such as lung transplants for patients suffering from end-stage lung cancer.