Understanding The Role of The Aorta

7:22 14/Sep/22

We all know that our heart is one of the most sensitive organs of our body. The aorta, which forms an integral and vital part of this organ, is responsible for blood circulation with every heartbeat throughout the body. Many people can face aortic valve diseases, which in return is responsible for poor heart health, leading to fatality if not treated properly. Our team takes a deeper look at the aorta, its importance to your heart and ultimately, health.

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Broken Heart Syndrome

15:11 5/Sep/22

A common saying often referred to by people when going through a period of emotional unwellness is “they are suffering from a broken heart”. Although there is truth in the connection between the physical and emotional, how real can this be?  We investigate the topic below.

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Heart Attacks Explained

6:42 25/Aug/22

According to MOHAP (Ministry of Health and Prevention), cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is a one of the leading cause of deaths in the UAE and worldwide, followed by cancer, road accidents.  And more shocking is the statistics pointing to the impact it has on younger generations, with half of heart disease affecting persons 35 years and younger.  

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Obesity can affect your lungs

7:10 17/Aug/22

The obesity epidemic is a global problem, which is set to increase over time unless the seriousness of this disease is addressed. However, the effects of obesity on the respiratory system are often still underappreciated. Let us examine the impact it has on one of your major organs – your lungs.

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Pacemaker Mysteries Uncovered

15:13 5/Aug/22

Often the news from a doctor to a patient about the necessity of having a pacemaker inserted is met with great fear and trepidation.  The small electronic device, that has almost become a standard treatment in heart rhythm irregularities, still fills many with dread at the mention of this procedure.  Our team shares some more information that will hopefully alleviate some uncertainty, and support patients in their discussions with their cardiologist.

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Life Happens. And then there is chocolate!

9:20 29/Jul/22

The sweet treat that both children and adults adore is often label as both sinner and saint. Billions are spent on this delicacy around the world. Many holidays are celebrated with chocolate as a main feature – think Valentine’s Day, Eid, Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and more. As July is the month in which this treat is celebrated by all, we wanted to investigate it to determine its true colors.

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Why are headaches such a pain?

15:43 18/Jul/22

Most people suffer from a headache at some point in their life. Some are fleeting and easily dissipate with simple over-the-counter pain relief, whilst others grip you in pain for days and come back regularly.  Why is this and what can you do to prevent this? Our team delves into the reasons behind this common occurrence in more detail.

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Doing too little may be too much!

13:23 11/Jul/22

We are all aware of the dangers of smoking, excessive weight gain and all the bad habits that can impact our lives and general health. But a reasonably modern concern and sometimes called ‘silent killer’ has made it to the list of concerns as well - the health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. According to WHO, sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality, double the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, and increase the risks of colon cancer, high blood pressure and more serious health conditions.

Our team investigates the topic in detail in our latest blog.

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Water and Hydration Facts

15:51 30/Jun/22

As summer temperatures are starting to soar, our bodies are also feeling the impact of the heat. The core to protecting our health and that of our family lies with a simple solution: WATER! Proper hydration is not only good for your brain, your mood, and your body weight, but it’s also essential for your heart. To understand the value of hydration, let us look at some interesting facts in our latest blog.

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Heart to Heart with my Cardiologist

7:09 16/Jun/22

Does the thought of seeing your doctor make your heart race, your blood pressure rise or your mouth feel like cotton wool?  These are what is often referred to as “white coat” symptoms and associated with an inate fear that some patients experience at the thought of even having to go to the doctor.  

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Taking Over The Counter Pills for Pain Relief?

6:24 7/Jun/22

Seemingly innocent over the counter (OTC) pain relief medication is found in most households today, and being used freely by children and adults.  Do you understand the risks associated with using the standard NSAID’s ibuprofen, aspirin, or anti-inflammatories on your health, and most importantly your heart?  Let us investigate the topic!

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Happiness is Heart Health

16:19 30/May/22

Without health there can be no happiness according to Thomas Jefferson, famed American president. Living in the 21st century we are bombarded with a variety of viewpoints about the effect of emotions on our weight, heart health and mental health. 

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