5 Myths About Inherited Cardiac Diseases

5 Myths About Inherited Cardiac Diseases
Publish on 2021-09-16

Several heart specialists in Dubai quote various reasons for heart conditions, from genes to your lifestyle. However, despite clear indications and researches available, people often believe in myths surrounding heart diseases. Here are 5 myths about inherited cardiac diseases that you should be wary of:

1. Lifestyle Cannot Intervene Genetics

One of the common perceptions among people is that genetic problems cannot be prevented with lifestyle. However, that’s not true as numerous cardiologists in Dubai recommend keeping a healthy lifestyle to tackle genetic cardiac issues.

Eating a healthy diet, keeping your weight in check, participating in physical activities are some of the ways one can keep inherited cardiac diseases in check. In simple words, you can keep maintaining a good lifestyle to keep your heart healthy as much as possible.

2. Lifestyle Can Postpone Genetic Diseases

As highlighted earlier, a healthy lifestyle can keep your inherited cardiac diseases in check. However, people most likely confuse a healthy lifestyle with permanent solutions. Inherited diseases require utmost attention and treatment, which can include:

·    Medications, specialized for treatment
·    Surgeries
·    Possible new treatment based on clinical trials

From parents to siblings and children, people need continuous treatment for ensuring their heart remains in a good shape. It’s the lifestyle that cardiologist doctors recommend to ensure any emergency can be avoided.

3. Symptoms Are Visible

Several cases have been reported where the person was diagnosed with an inherited disease without showing any symptoms. If a cardiac disease runs in your family, you’ll likely be suffering from it. However, a lack of symptoms can make you think that you’re safe. Some of the common heart disease symptoms include:

·    Shortness of breath after short-term physical activity
·    Chest pains
·    Dizziness or fainting

These symptoms may vary from person to person depending upon the lifestyle they’re holding up. They can show eventually based on the physical condition and lifestyle of the patient.

4. No Risk of Carrying an Inherited Disease

If the cardiac disease is running in your family, and you think you’re safe from the risk of carrying it too, then you’re wrong. As highlighted earlier, some people often carry inherited diseases; however, the lack of symptoms makes them think that they’re safe.

The only way of knowing whether you’re a carrier of the inherited disease is to get a medical checkup. Family members need to discuss inherited diseases to ensure that every person gets a medical checkup.

In case a person is diagnosed with a disease, getting treatment should be the top priority. Meanwhile, others should ensure that their lifestyle isn’t damaging enough to trigger an emergency in case they’re diagnosed with an inherited disease.

5. Inherited Diseases Can Skip Generations

It’s one of the common myths that have led people to fatal results. Since symptoms of inherited diseases aren’t visible in some people, they end up thinking that the disease may have skipped their generation.

However, doctors at cardiac surgery hospitals in the UAE have made it clear that inherited cardiac diseases don’t skip generations. In any case, if there’s a genetic disease running in the family, then all members must get themselves tested.

This will pinpoint the ones that have the potential disease and treatment can begin as soon as possible for mitigating the side effects of the problem.

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