5 Silent but Deadly Signs of a Heart Attack

5 Silent but Deadly Signs of a Heart Attack
Publish on 2018-12-30

Individuals, who are obese, practice smoking, have hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes or are above the age of 60 are at a higher risk of having a heart attack and must closely monitor their daily routines, or visit their cardiologist in Dubai to reduce the risk factor.

The Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

Cardiac specialists at the Dubai Heart Clinic suggest that not all heart related diseases present prominent symptoms; some just might be disguised as everyday discomforts that may even go noticed. Below is a list of silent but deadly symptoms of heart attack:

  • Heartburn

A heart attack may not always present itself as a sharp pain in the chest, it maybe disguised as a heartburn. A heartburn usually occurs as a burning sensation in the throat or chest region due to the backing up of acid in the esophagus. Some individuals experience this sensation after consuming a heavy meal. The occurrence of a heartburn out of the norm or to a person who usually does not experiences it, may suggest the manifestation of a heart disease and the risk of a possible heart attack.

  • Exhaustion, Fatigue and Shortness of Breath

This symptom is more commonly present in female patients. Patients often feel exhausted, out of breath or lethargic while performing activities that they once used to do without any difficulty, such as climbing the stairs. This happens due to the reduced blood flow to the heart, which exerts stress on the muscles, making them weak.

  • Nausea and GIT Related Problems

Nausea, vomiting or indigestion are symptoms that are often misdiagnosed or remain unnoticed. There might be a possibility that these symptoms are presenting due to some dietary issues or they might be related to cardiovascular diseases, it is always better to visit a cardiologist to make sure everything is looking healthy.

  • Lightheadedness

Being lightheaded or dizzy could mean low sugar levels or dehydration, but it could also mean that the heart is not pumping an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to the body, resulting in a drop of blood pressure. Suddenly feeling lightheaded and dizzy along with chest pain and shortness of breath is a clear indication of a possible heart attack.

  • Cold Sweat

Experiencing sudden cold sweats is a major indication of an incoming heart attack; immediate medical care should be sought in such a condition.


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