5 Urologic Conditions Impacted by Smoking

5 Urologic Conditions Impacted by Smoking
Publish on 2019-03-22

<!--[if !supportLists]1. [endif]-->1. Bladder Cancer: it stands as one of the most common cancer types in men and women. American Cancer Association announced last year that 81,190 cases are to be diagnosed with bladder cancer leading to 17,240 deaths around the world. Smoking causes toxic chemicals to accumulate in the urine. These chemicals affect the lining of the bladder and raise your bladder cancer risk.

2. Kidney Cancer: it is in the top ten most common types of cancers for men and women and can develop in adults and children. Smoke travels through the bloodstream, where it is filtered into the kidneys. The harmful chemicals gather in the kidneys and increase the risk of kidney cancer.

3. Kidney Stones: They are a common health issue of the urinary tract common among men. Smoking has been shown to greatly add to the risk of getting kidney stones with a minimum of 36% contribution to the formation of the kidney stones. A urologist, hospital in Dubai or a Laparoscopic Surgeon, would explain that the stones in the kidneys or ureters are one of the most painful urology diseases and pains known.

4. Incontinence (unintentional urine discharge) and Overactive Bladder (OAB), affect more than 33 million men and women. Smoking bothers the bladder and can cause frequent urination. It can also cause coughing spasms that can lead to incontinence.

OAB is just another type of incontinence that is also called urgency incontinence. Smoking could make the symptoms of different types of incontinence, which affect a person's health and emotions.

<!--[if !supportLists]5. [endif]-->5. Interstitial Cystitis: it is also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome that affects more women than men. Up to 12% of women would have early signs of IC, which is a chronic bladder health issue. Smoking irritates the bladder and can make IC symptoms worse.

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