5 Ways to Get the Most out of Psychotherapy

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Psychotherapy
Publish on 2018-10-29

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is one of the most effective non-medical means of treatment in helping patients overcome pain from their past, learn to develop coping strategies for future and understand emotions to improve the patient’s personal development.

The process involves a commitment to a series of appointments with a licensed mental health professional to treat emotional, behavioral, personality and psychiatric disorders by building a relationship with the therapist and the patient.

How to Get the Most out of Psychotherapy?

On a different end of the spectrum, patients are often conflicted about how to get the most out of psychotherapy.

Most patients that book therapies are often reluctant to open up about their issues while others are just curious how it will work out for them. Consequently, the patient fails to experience progress and loses faith in therapy. The general rule of thumb is that in therapy, the patient must be an active participant than a silent spectator to experience results. Sitting back and waiting for the therapist to make all the effort is a losing strategy towards finding a resolution. Patients who successfully overcome their issues are known to show specific characteristics into their contribution which have proven importance to the entire process.

Here are 5 key components you must integrate to make the best out of your therapy sessions,

  1. Be Your Own Motivation

Make sure you enter therapy with a positive attitude that reflects a dedication to the therapist. Instead of making an impression of beating a dead horse, show how much you are willing to commit yourself and overcome the problem. A good counselor can help you define your goals, so there is a clear and concise idea of what to pursue in the appointment.

  1. Work on Your Goals

Giving a positive attitude is good but certainly not enough. You must make yourself a subject of priority and expand on everything that triggers, builds or escalates your problem. A good psychologist will create an environment that is healing, restorative and nurturing so the patient can open up profoundly and reach his/her personal goals.

  1. Let Yourself Flow Freely

Idealizing the therapist into a problem-solver is a common mistake. Therapists are trained mental health professionals who can facilitate the treatment of psychological problems. However, without any feedback from the patient, the process becomes a one-sided channel and fails to stimulate any result orient conversation. You must let your feelings and thoughts flow freely and indulge in your own self-exploration to start progress.

  1. Try New Strategies

Insanity according to Einstein is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Individuals who make progress from their therapy session always heed this advice and remain open to trying new practices that can help in the restoration and healing of the person’s psychological health. Innovation is a great catalyst.

  1. Remain Steadfast

Being consistent does not imply utilizing the same strategy and practice, but accepting the fact that improvement does not come in a straight-line. In the appointment calendar, a rough patch may show up where the patient struggles to address his/her issues as effectively as in normal days. Instead of losing faith, you must focus on the counselor and seek advice on how to get out of the bad stretch and back on track.

How GHC Can Help?

As mental health professionals we strive to provide a fresh perspective on the issue, giving healthy counseling in a safe and nurturing environment. Dr. Martin Kramer is a PhD Senior Consultant Psychologist at our facility with over 15 years of experience practicing in prestigious institutes around United States, Europe and the Middle East. As Dubai’s leading medical institute we provide the best treatments for psychological health problems by combining scientific and holistic approaches of modern psychosomatic medicine and cardio-psychotherapy. To book an appointment call +971 4 362 47 97 or visit our website https://www.german-heart-centre.com/book-appointment/


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