New "Health Screening Packages" available

New "Health Screening Packages" available

22 December 2017

The German Heart Center Dubai under the direction of Univ. Prof. Dr. Uwe Klima has therefore put together various such precautionary packages that are intended to identify risk factors on a large scale at varying degrees. In addition to a detailed interview with consultants, trained exclusively in Europe, and a thorough physical examination, numerous laboratory tests are part of these packages. These include a complete blood count, the determination of cholesterol levels, liver-kidney and thyroid function as well as tumor markers, urinalysis, screening of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases to lung function test or gastric screening.
In addition, ECG (electro cardio gram) to cardiac ultrasound, stress test, stress echo or stroke screening are offered. There are currently 3 standard packages available (silver - gold and platinum). However, individual preventive examinations are also possible, right through to intensive and extensive corporate screenings.

For more informations about the prices, please contact us 04 362 4797


Dr Gabor Zimmerman IN DUBAI

10 May 2018

Dr Gabor Zimmerman IN DUBAI on the 12th and 13th of May, 2018.

Dr Caspar Boerner IN DUBAI

08 May 2018

Dr Caspar Boerner IN DUBAI starting 19th to 24th of May.

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