Women & Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

8:55 19/Jun/19

Heart disease can affect both men and women, however, the symptoms of heart disease in men and women are different. It is very important for women to understand their unique symptoms so that they can adopt preventive measures to avoid the risk of heart disease. In addition to that, the early diagnosis of the disease and consulting with a well-reputed heart specialist in Dubai can help in minimizing the risk of severe conditions such as heart attack, heart failure or heart rhythm problems.

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Why Do I Need to See a Vascular Surgeon?

12:43 13/Jun/19

With the modern times medical advancement, medical terms and conditions have taken a new curve, especially with how people now support preventive medicine and early detection of diseases. People now started educated themselves on natures of diseases, which doctors and physicians to visit and started taking health preservation measurements. A vascular surgeon is different from a cardiologist or a pulmonologist, not only in the practice but also in the reasons and purposes to visit him.

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Overactive Bladder: Symptoms and Causes

8:49 8/Apr/19

Overactive Bladder or OAB, sometimes also called an irritable bladder, is a urological condition representing symptoms of urgency, frequency and with or without urge incontinence.  Meaning that Overactive Bladder causes a sudden urge to urinate. The urge may be difficult to stop, and OAB may lead to the involuntary loss of urine. Overactive Bladder is more common among women and older people than among men and children. The best urologist in Dubai can help you with advice on understanding the condition an how to get it under control but in the beginning understanding, the nature of the condition and what are the causes and symptoms are inevitable. 

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5 Urologic Conditions Impacted by Smoking

9:27 22/Mar/19

Smoking is the gravest health-endangering everyday addictive habit that is the cause of innumerable deaths. According to The National, smoking is responsible for one in every eight deaths in the UAE. Smoking or even second-hand passive smoking by being exposed to the smoke does not only affect the respiratory system but it is one of the superior causes of urology diseases and health and life-threatening conditions. The best urologist in Dubai would advise that the first step is to quit smoking and choose a healthier lifestyle to avoid such urology diseases and conditions that will lead to deaths. Here are the top five smoking impacted urologic conditions:

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What Are Lung and Pleural Biopsies?

12:13 17/Mar/19

A biopsy is a procedure that requires removing or extracting a sample of tissue or a sample of cells from the body to have it analyzed in a laboratory by running a number of tests on the sample. While imaging tests, such as X-rays, are helpful in detecting masses or areas of abnormality, they alone cannot determine the nature of such masses

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A Cardiologist Offers Help for Heart Issues

8:58 31/Jan/19

In the World Cardiology Congress, held in Dubai in December 2018, it was stated that the threshold for cardiac arrests and cardiovascular disease (CVD) worldwide is 65 years, while people in the UAE are suffering from the CVD at the age of 45 and that 80 percent of deaths that occur due to CVD are preventable with early diagnosis and treatment.

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Symptoms of 6 most common heart diseases

13:06 7/Jan/19

The symptoms of heart disease generally revolve around the type of heart disease and the gender of the patient. While men are more likely to experience chest pain, women develop other symptoms such as shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, nausea, and chest discomfort.The symptoms of heart disease generally revolve around the type of heart disease and the gender of the patient. While men are more likely to experience chest pain, women develop other symptoms such as shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, nausea, and chest discomfort.

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5 Silent but Deadly Signs of a Heart Attack

8:30 30/Dec/18

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death worldwide, claiming the lives of countless men and women every year. Cardiologists in Dubai believe that one of the main reasons why the mortality rates of heart attack remain so high is because many of the signs and symptoms of an emerging cardiovascular disease remain unnoticed. In addition to the most common symptoms of a heart attack such as tightness of the chest and chest pain, majority of the symptoms remain unheard of and therefore, patients are unable to realize that they are at a risk of a heart attack until it is too late.

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Screening Guidelines for 4 Most Common Gynecological Cancers

8:53 20/Dec/18

 German Heart Center (GHC) has always remained on the frontlines of top Healthcare in Dubai, helping patients with professional consultation in a comforting environment. To help spread awareness on Gynecological cancers and encourage women to get screening for early detection and prevention, we are sharing guidelines for 4 of the most common gynecological cancers found in women.

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Why Consult a Good Cardiac Specialist in Dubai?

6:23 11/Dec/18

Dubai’s cardiac centers are among the leading healthcare establishments in the world, housing some of the finest medical specialists and providing top-tier facilities. One of the most respected names in cardiology is Professor Dr. Uwe Klima, who is a certified German and Austrian board cardiologist.

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What is Thoracic Surgery

9:18 27/Nov/18

Thoracic surgery is a field of medicine that involves diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions caused by illnesses to the structures, organs, and tissues inside the chest. Thoracic surgery is usually performed on the vital organs of the chest including the heart, lungs, trachea, and esophagus. With modern technology, the safety of surgical procedures has significantly improved, allowing complex surgeries for lung cancer and heart transplants with much higher success rates.

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Prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke – DR. Uwe Klima

12:09 22/Nov/18

Heart diseases and stroke are among the top diseases which are rapidly affecting the lives of people around the world. Cardiovascular diseases kill more patients than every type of cancer and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease added together. Owing to various reasons such as stress, bad health habits and even genetics, heart complications and strokes have become common and can strike without warning.

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