Why Consult a Good Cardiac Specialist in Dubai?

6:23 11/Dec/18

Dubai’s cardiac centers are among the leading healthcare establishments in the world, housing some of the finest medical specialists and providing top-tier facilities. One of the most respected names in cardiology is Professor Dr. Uwe Klima, who is a certified German and Austrian board cardiologist.

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What is Thoracic Surgery

9:18 27/Nov/18

Thoracic surgery is a field of medicine that involves diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions caused by illnesses to the structures, organs, and tissues inside the chest. Thoracic surgery is usually performed on the vital organs of the chest including the heart, lungs, trachea, and esophagus. With modern technology, the safety of surgical procedures has significantly improved, allowing complex surgeries for lung cancer and heart transplants with much higher success rates.

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Prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke – DR. Uwe Klima

12:09 22/Nov/18

Heart diseases and stroke are among the top diseases which are rapidly affecting the lives of people around the world. Cardiovascular diseases kill more patients than every type of cancer and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease added together. Owing to various reasons such as stress, bad health habits and even genetics, heart complications and strokes have become common and can strike without warning.

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5 Ways to Get the Most out of Psychotherapy

6:18 29/Oct/18

There is no question that mind and body are integral parts of one another, where any imbalance in mental health directly affects the body’s physical health. People who carry emotional trauma, depression and bad family history are often at a higher risk of developing mental problems. This is where psychotherapy comes into place.

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5 Breast Cancer Warning Signs to Look Out For

8:17 14/Oct/18

Breast cancer has become increasingly prevalent with the majority of deaths being reported from under-developed and developing countries owing to limited medical infrastructure. Special care should be dedicated to breasts for ensuring anything out of the ordinary is swiftly detected and can be consulted with certified medical professionals.

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Importance of Gynecology in Woman's Health

8:52 7/Oct/18

Gynecologists and obstetricians play a vital role in a woman’s health, specializing in the medical care of women’ reproductive systems through prevention, identification, and treatment. Nowadays, almost all modern gynecologists are obstetricians and are often known by the acronym OB/Gyn.

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German Heart Centre – The Urban Healthcare Landmark of DHCC

11:46 18/Sep/18

A pioneer of healthcare and specialized medical services, German Heart Centre Bremen was one of the first clinical establishments to open in Dubai Healthcare City. Its reputation of upholding the highest technical standards and utmost professional practices has allowed it to become a landmark destination for clinical wellness and a forefront of medical excellence

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8 Most Common Types of Heart Surgeries in Dubai

18:15 27/Aug/18

Heart disease is among the leading causes of death both among men and women. According to a latest survey, cardiovascular disease accounts for more than a quarter of deaths each year in the UAE, with a rising percentage of younger victims.

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New "Health Screening Packages" available

16:29 22/Dec/17

Health Screening Packages (Platinum, Gold and Silver)

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