Professor Dr. Uwe Klima is now the Doctor of Trust in Austrian Embassy in UAE

Professor Dr. Uwe Klima is now the Doctor of Trust in Austrian Embassy in UAE
Publish on 2019-07-16

A successful cardiac surgeon must obtain a number of characteristics to be trustworthy or to be your number one choice. What makes Dr. Klima, the best Cardiac - Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon in the UAE, to be appointed as a Doctor of Trust for the Austrian Embassy, Abu Dhabi, and UAE and favored by many?


Professor Dr. Uwe Klima, the Managing & Medical Director of German Heart Centre is one of the greatest around the world and the best Cardiac - Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon in Dubai. Professor Klima has many years of experience, slightly above 20 years in practice, and abundant number of patients who owe him their lives and regard him as a life savior. He has been treating different cases that fall in the specialty of cardiac, thoracic, and thoracic surgery. Gaining the trust and love of many of his patients and their family.

Passion - Professionalism?

Professor Dr. Uwe Klima is one of the most professional trustworthy Cardiac surgeons and Consultants around the world. He gives utmost care to the patients and is never late for help. With unlimited detail-orientation and the greatest passion towards his profession, Professor Klima stands out that he gains the trust of sophisticated entities such as the Austrian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE that has appointed him as the Doctor of Trust.


Prof. Klima is one of the world’s leading Cardiac - Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon, holds a medical degree from the University of Vienna, and a PhD from the Hannover Medical School, Germany. In addition to having most of the world’s sophisticated medical names on his résumé, he is certified by both of the German and Austrian board. Moreover, has been the Professor of Surgery and Faculty Member of the internationally acclaimed Hannover Medical School, Germany.

Professor Klima is a foremost veteran in the specialty of Cardiac, Thoracic and Pulmonary consultancies and surgeries. His consultancy is sought and trusted by many. Many of the patients respect him and refer him knowing that he is the best and the most trust worthy after trying for themselves his patience, care and dedication. Book an appointment today with the best Cardiothoracic Surgeon in the UAE.


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