Now at German Heart Centre: The Best-Certified Specialist Aeromedical Examiner - Cardiologist

Now at German Heart Centre:  The Best-Certified Specialist Aeromedical Examiner - Cardiologist
Publish on 2019-07-08

Dr. Gehad El Gergawy has the accredited qualifying knowledge and skills to perform as a cardiologist for private and professional pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers (Class 1, 2 and 3) in accordance with GCAA standards and recommended practices.  German Heart Centre supports the basic medical rules for determining whether a pilot and its cabin crew is fit to fly by working together with referral clinics.

Treatment includes a variety of services such as but not limited to:

  •                 Consultation Senior Consultant with Report
  •                 Echocardiography (2d/Color Flow Doppler)
  •                 Stress Echocardiography
  •                 Carotid Duplex
  •                 Resting ECG
  •                 ECG with Long Rhythm Strip
  •                 Exercise Treadmill Test
  •                 Holter Monitoring
  •                 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  •                 Pulmonary Function Test


Dr. Gehad has a great appreciation of the aviation environment and its impact on various clinical conditions. In addition, at German Heart Centre, we are contributing in achieving GCAA's mission and overall objectives. We offer and perform all the tests mandated by the GCAA following the highest standards serving our patients and our clients.

Our continuous aspiration is to confer all referring clinics, introducing Dr. Gehad, our Certified Specialist Aeromedical Examiner We put a personal touch on all our services to make sure ALL patients feel welcome, comfortable, and confidence in the service that meets and exceeds their expectation.

German Heart Centre avails working hours that accommodate all patient’s schedules six days a week. In addition to accepting over 15 insurance networks, a team member is always available who knows the patient history, treatment plan and ready to help for we go above and beyond.



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