The Best Dermatologist in Dubai

The Best Dermatologist in Dubai
Publish on 2019-10-24

Acne is a universal skin problem that is more common among teenagers, people in their 20’s, and maybe stretching through 30’s. However, People over 30 are not necessarily out of worry! Women happen to be more conscious about their skin clarity compared to men thriving to achieve clear smooth skin, meaning acne and pimple free!

Acne Causes

Although acne problems mainly troubles youths, it has it is tainting psychological effect on both teenagers and adults, especially those with a family history. Eliminating causes of Acne (if possible) could be the first step towards treatment:

  • Poor diets
  • Environmental factors (Precautions and care)
  • Genetics and hormonal variations
  • Pores blockage
  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Stress
  • Chemical exposure

Choose the best Dubai skin specialist

The finest dermatologist spares nothing to achieve the best results for the benefit of the patient. Consequently, it is quite vital to invest enough time and effort in searching for the best to guarantee the treatment experience and results eliminating the possibilities of risks and further complications.



  • Compare if you have to and pick the best!

Modern technology makes the proximity to databases a button click away on your mobile! Look up Dubai best dermatologists and decide who has the best medical profile. Although you would have the access to their reviews, testimonials and patients’ experiences, it is always better to opt for a trusted word of mouth.

  • Visit the clinic and asses its service standards

 Always choose those who are known for high standard of service deliverance. Moreover, state of the art technology in treatment and the world rank equipment and tools are irreplaceable. Nobody wants to go for an outdated clinic using obsolete methodologies! 

  • Check their portfolio of cases if possible!

It would be a great add on for the decision making process. Check the before and after photos. Check their case studies. Ask your friends and relatives, if the dermatologist is recommended by them, to share with you their before and after as well.

  • Credentials and Certifications

Board certifications and affiliations are the best. Ideally, a trustworthy dermatologist should be board certified and has in field 5+ years of experience. If he is specialized in Acne Treatment and Acne Scars Treatment, it is a great bonus!

At German Heart Centre, we proudly have our very own Specialist Dermatologist, Dr. Rolf Soehnchen.  Dr. Soehnchen has +25-years’ experience in providing assessments, diagnosis, investigations and treatments of different skin conditions. Call for more info. and schedules or visit our website.



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Causes And Treatments Of Menstrual Irregularities


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