What Are Lung and Pleural Biopsies?

What Are Lung and Pleural Biopsies?
Publish on 2019-03-17

There are different types and different procedures for acquiring biopsy sample such as bone marrow biopsy, Lung biopsy, and pleural biopsy. The last two types fall in the field of thoracic and pulmonology expertise and for the safest procedures a lung biopsy or a pleural biopsy in Dubai, the most cautious step is to think thoroughly about the thoracic and pulmonology surgeon that you would trust for such sensitive procedure.

A lung biopsy procedure is often required to help diagnose abnormalities in the chest that are found during a computerized tomography (CT) scan or chest X-ray and it is also required to determine whether any unusual masses are malignant or benign also to determine the stage the cancer is at if the mass is found to be cancerous. It may sometimes be to diagnose or determine the cause of a condition, diagnose an infection, or determine the cause of fluid collecting in the lung. A pleural biopsy is a procedure to take a small sample of the pleura, the tissue lining the lungs and the inside of the chest wall, to look or infection, cancer, or any other condition.

If the procedure is performed in the UAE, a pulmonologist consultant in Dubai for example would have an option of three to perform the biopsy. Needle biopsy, using a special needle put into the pleural membrane to take out a sample. Thoracoscopic biopsy, a flexible, lighted tube (endoscope) is put into the pleural space to let the healthcare provider see the pleura and take a piece of tissue. Open biopsy, it is inevitable if the sample from the needle biopsy is too small to get a diagnosis.

Open lung biopsies often require hospitalization for several days, and risks may vary depending on how much lung tissue is removed. If an open biopsy is considered, it is best to discuss surgical risks with a doctor before the surgery. Get consultancy and let a specialist decide which procedure is the most suitable for your condition. Book an appointment with the best Cardiac - Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon in the UAE, Professor Dr. Uwe Klima at German Heart Centre.


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